Draw Betting Strategy

Many of us think that betting is similar to lottery. Yes, there is a certain amount of luck, but many times betting doesn’t rely on luck. With a well-chosen strategy, betting on draw can bring you stable profits. The most important thing is to be disciplined and to follow some rules.

How to predict a draw

When looking for a tie, don’t think you need to win most of your bets. Actually, based on the given odds, it will be enough for you to make about 40% successful bets to be profitable. Which is completely achievable.

There are some leagues where draws are dominating - for example, Series B in Italy or League 2 in France. However, the odds for a tie are not as high as some other leagues, so we will not talk about them. Instead, we will focus on the most popular football leagues in Europe that pay off better.

Draw betting strategies

Rely on motivation

Many bettors initially think that if they bet on the most equal teams, it is more likely the match to end as a draw. This is a mistake. You should rather analyze the motivation of the both teams, because it doesn’t matter whether they are they are equal - everybody fights for the 3 points.

Fewer goals, higher chances

Here come the statistics. If you are betting on a draw, be careful and focus only on teams that generally do not score many goals.

Consecutive draws

A draw in several consecutive matches is not as impossible as it sounds. In fact, there are coaches who aim for that. Sometimes, 1 point is good achievement for away game, especially when the focus is long-term winning at home. This is true for matches with unclear favorite, when the team plays defensively, in order to get one point.

Can you win from draw betting

You have probably noticed that a match between equal teams has the highest odds for a draw. That is, the bookmaker believes that this outcome is the least possible. That is the exact opposite of what you thought. Of course, however, the bookmaker is right.

The wisest way to win on equal bets is to carefully analyze past results and keep a close eye on each of your bets. You may even have to go back to statistics a few years back to get the knowledge you need.

The moment you score more than 30% of winning bets, it means that your strategy works. You can even try to bet on several consecutive meetings, but with smaller finances. One of the keys to success is to bet on  high odds. You can find them in winbet.

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