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There is much debate and ambiguity about the origins of golf as a sport. However, it is believed that the modern version of the game originated in Scotland in the Middle Ages. From there, golf is distributed in England and in most of the English colonies. Today golf is most popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, South Africa. However, many other countries have annual high-profile golf tournaments for players and large prize pools. The golf caravan of professionals and their entourage moves almost every week to a new location, country and continent.

The essence of this sport

There are many touring circuits, but the two most popular are the US Tour and the Euro Tour. Competitors earn points for their performance during the seasons in these chains. The best qualify for a series of playoff tournaments with a limited number of entrants and increased prize pools. Separately, there is a prize pool shared by the golfers who have won the most prize money throughout the season in both chains.

Golf is an individual sport, but there is still a nationally organized race. This tournament is called the Ryder Cup, and it traditionally faces the United States and Europe. Two appointed advisers select the participants in their teams among the best golfers from the US and Europe. They play against each other through a number of rounds, earning points for their teams.

Golf Tournaments 

However, individual tournaments are far more popular. There are usually 3-4 major tournaments each week, most often held in three or four days (round). The most interesting tournaments are known as the Majors. They are 4 in number:
• Masters - it is held at the end of April every year at a traditional location. This is the August National Golf Club in Georgia, USA.
• Professional Golf Association Championship (PGA Championship) - held in late May at various locations in the United States.
• US Open - End of June and hosted by the USGA at various golf locations in the United States.
• The Open Championship - at the end of July, being the only Major Golf tournament to be held outside the United States in the United Kingdom at a different golf course each year.

Types of bets

• Tournament Winner - Keep in mind that in most tournaments there are over 120, and even more, participants. Accordingly, the odds of winning a golfer are much higher than those of other sports. The favorites in a tournament are often rated by bookmakers with odds of 10.00, 20.00 and even more.
• First Round Winner - The goal here is to predict which golfers will best start and lead the ranking after the first day of a tournament.
• Against each other - these are most often two-way markets that oppose two golfers against each other. Winner who is higher in the final ranking of the tournament / or in the ranking for a given round if the market is opposite each other for a round /. Some bookmakers also launch three-way markets that include equality between the two golfers.
• Three-Ball Tournament Bets - These markets offer a clash between three golfers. They are three-way, that is, the goal is to predict which of the three golfers will be the most ranked in the tournament, or in a round of it.
• Special bets for players - there are numerous modifications here due to the large number of participants in golf tournaments. Markets for a Top Player on a Country / USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, etc. / or Top Player on a Continent are very common.
Golf is definitely not among the most popular sports in continental Europe. The long duration of the tournaments makes it not particularly suited to direct television broadcasts.

However, this sport offers quite good profit opportunities due to its high average odds. The most important factors to consider when golfing is a golf player's current form, his or her record on that golf course, weather conditions, motivation in the context of a golfer's place in the season charts, the season / regular stage or Playoffs.

Where to bet on golf

In addition to the bookmaker Bet365, which always offers a wide variety of markets for golf betting, the sports betting section of 10Bet has also recently been found. In addition, Bwin also pays attention to golf, even placing it among the sports on its homepage. In our article, we have revealed to you everything you need to know about this sport regarding betting. As an individual sport, golf has some specifics, but that doesn't make it any less exciting than other mass sports.

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