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Paddy Power Mobile App

Paddy Power are one of the most well known names in the entire world of bookmaking. They are an incredibly high profile company, well known for their memorable marketing, exciting offers, and innovative online betting experience. Today, we’ll be exploring whether the Paddy Power app lives up to the bookmaker’s reputation. Is it worth downloading, or is it best avoided?

Read on to discover how to get started using the Paddy Power app for the first time, the welcome offers and promotions you can enjoy as someone new to the bookmaker, and the key app features you need to know about.

Here is our full review of the Paddy Power mobile app.

Can I Enjoy A Paddy Power Bonus When I Set Up The App?

One of the main benefits for gamers caused by the massive amounts of competition in the bookmaking industry is the great bonus offers available.

If you’re on the fence about whether to install the Paddy Power app, you might be swayed by the bonus offer.

Like all major bookmakers, Paddy Power reserves a serious bonus for new players. This is a great reason to get hands on with the app, as you can check out the range of bets on offer, and all the different sporting markets, while risking less of your actual money.

The key facts you need to know about the Paddy Power bonus are:

  • Risk free bet. When you first try out a new betting app, it can be tempting to play it safe. While you are still getting a feel for how to use the app, it’s understandable to make low risk bets. Paddy Power helps you to be a bit more adventurous with a risk free bet. If your first bet loses, you will receive your loss back. This allows you to take a more liberated approach to your first app bet.
  • Ongoing offers. One of the key things that has made Paddy Power stand out as a bookmaker is its quirky and unusual range of promos and betting offers. You can enjoy these through the Paddy Power app, including some exclusive offers and enhanced odds that are only for app bettors.

The welcome bonus offered by Paddy Power is an interesting one. Many gamblers would probably prefer to receive a more conventional matched bet bonus. However, there are some upsides to the risk free bet offered by Paddy Power. It gives you more freedom to explore the app, and potentially enjoy bigger winnings on your first bet in the process.

Are There Any Advantages To Using Paddy Power App?

So is it better to use Paddy Power through the dedicated mobile app, or does some other way of accessing it provide a better experience?

Some of the questions you will need to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to bother with the Paddy Power app include:

  • How often? If you are going to be using Paddy Power a lot of the time, you should definitely get the app. The more reliable levels of speed and performance will be noticable if you are a frequent Paddy Power customer. Occasional gamblers might find the smartphone browser option is OK, provided their device is compatible. 
  • What type of betting? If you’re not someone who likes in-play betting, then you might not find much value in using the app. If, however, you love live betting, the app is definitely the best experience for this type of Paddy Power betting. 
  • Where? Where will you be when you want to make bets with Paddy Power? If you’ll mostly be at home, the app might not be the best fit. But if you want the freedom to bet no matter where you happen to be, the Paddy Power app is absolutely worth getting.

It all comes down to personal preference, but in the vast majority of cases, we’d say to just go for it and get the Paddy Power app.

Paddy Power App Review

So, overall, does the Paddy Power app manage to pull off what its attempting?

Does it hold its own against the vast variety of other betting apps out there, or is it a rare misstep from the Paddy Power brand?

We now offer an exploration of the key features found on the Paddy Power app, as well as our overall take, to give you all the info you need.

Which Features Are Available On the Paddy Power App?

Some of the features which stood out to us from our experience of using the Paddy Power app include:

  • Markets. As a bookmaker, Paddy Power is known for providing some of the most diverse range of sports events out there. The app is no exception. No matter the time of day or night, you are sure to find a sports market with some appealing action.
  • In-play. Paddy Power is known for its in-play action, often offering enhanced odds midway through a football match. You can see all the live odds and stats you need to make great in-play bets.
  • Streaming. Each and every day you can stream a large variety of events directly in the Paddy Power app. This is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy live sports betting.
  • Promos. There are exclusive enhanced odds and other promotional specials that can be found only in the Paddy Power app. This is one of the bookmaker’s trademarks, and its great to see this carried over into the app.

Overall, the Paddy Power app offers a great range of features. Not only does it offer everything you’d hope for, it does so in a way which is consistently fast and reliable.

Paddy Power App - Our Overall Verdict

If you’re a fan of Paddy Power’s fun and quirky approach to betting, then you should definitely check out the mobile app.

New gamblers with Paddy Power should take advantage of the risk free bet welcome bonus. It’s the perfect way to try out the app and to be adventurous with your choice of market.

The Paddy Power app is fun, fast and offers great value. Everything you’ve come to expect from Paddy Power over the years.

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