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Betfair Mobile App

Betfair is one of the most revolutionary and exciting companies in the world of betting. They have helped sports bettors to wager in new and exciting ways. While many gamblers have heard of Betfair in general, their mobile app is slightly less known. So is the Betfair Mobile App worth your time and attention?

Betfair is known for being a little different to a conventional bookmaker, so has this carried over into the mobile app? What kind of functionality can you expect from the Betfair Mobile App, and is it worth your time to download?

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Betfair Mobile App!

How To Download The Betfair App?

If you want to see how the Betfair Mobile App performs on your specific smartphone or tablet device, the best and quickest way is to download and install it for yourself.

Why not start the download and installation process while you read the rest of this review? No matter if you’re looking to use the Betfair app with your iOS or Android device, these simple instructions will get you started.

Can I Enjoy A Betfair Bonus When I Set Up The App?

If you’re not sure about whether the Betfair Mobile App is right for you, the Betfair welcome offer might just tempt you!

We think that welcome bonuses are one of the best reasons to start using a gambling app for the first time. After all, it takes a little while to get a good feel for a particular app. What features does it have to offer? How long does it take for bets to settle? It’s a lot more satisfying to answer these questions using bonus money than your own.

So what are the key facts you should know about Betfair bonuses being used through the mobile app?

  • Sports bet bonus. If you plan to use the Betfair app for mainly sports betting, there is a good welcome offer for you. Much like Betfair itself, the account opening bonus is pretty unique. You can receive up to 5 sets of a £20 bonus, after making enough qualifying bets. This is a great offer as it allows you to spread your bonus betting out over different sessions on the app.
  • Casino bonus. Although Betfair is definitely most famous for its innovative betting exchange, it also offers a full casino gaming service. If you sign up for the Betfair Casino, you can enjoy bonuses through the casino app.
  • Extra bonuses. Betfair has a history of offering exclusive bonuses and promos to users of its mobile app. If you want to benefit from these, use the app regularly. You’ll receive notice when a special offer you are eligible for crops up.

We really like the fact that you can get up to 5 bonuses with the Betfair Mobile App. It lets you try it out first to get your initial bonus, before going further if you want to qualify for the additional sums.

Are There Any Advantages To Using Betfair App?

So why exactly should you bother to download and install the Betfair app? After all, your phone is probably pretty loaded up with apps already. Is there any reason to install Betfair, or should you stick to the main website?

Some of the factors behind whether or not you will want to use the Betfair app include:

  • Which device do you have? You’ll want to check it runs a version of iOS or Android which works with the Betfair app. Most newer iterations are compatible, but if you have an older device you’ll want to make especially sure.
  • Will you be using your Betfair account on the move? If so, it definitely makes sense to install the app. It’s a better experience than accessing Betfair through your mobile browser.
  • When you use services from other sports book and casino bookmakers, do you prefer the app or not? Your general level of comfort and familiarity with betting apps will be a factor as to whether this is how you access Betfair.

While the Betfair mobile app definitely isn’t right for everyone, it’s well worth it if you intend to access Betfair on the move.

Betfair App Review

You know that you can use your Betfair bonus with the app, and you know it offers a better experience than the smartphone browser.

But is it worth it overall? Should you bother with the Betfair app, or just stick with the main website?

We’ve taken a look at the key features Betfair have included in their app, and made an overall evaluation, to help you with your decision.

Which Features Are Available On the Betfair App?

  • Sportsbook app. Betfair is known for two types of opportunities among sports gamblers - conventional sportsbook betting, and also its innovative betting exchange. If you’re interested in conventional sportsbook betting, there is a dedicated Betfair app for exactly this. This saves you from having to learn the way the exchange works.
  • Betfair exchange app. If you’re a fan of Betfair, it’s probably down to the betting exchange the bookmaker offers. This is its main feature that helps it to stand out from the crowd. There is a dedicated app for this type of betting, so be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of exchange betting.
  • If you were worried your love of casino gambling didn’t have a dedicated app, think again! Betfair offer a specialist casino betting service to go alongside their sportsbook and exchange apps.

We really like that Betfair took the time to make specialist apps for their different types of betting. Not every Betfair member will use all three types, so why shoehorn them into a single app?

You can enjoy the different Betfair apps according to your needs and preferences, focusing only on the type of gambling you actually enjoy.

Betfair App - Our Overall Verdict

Within the gaming world, Betfair is a byword for innovation, and its apps definitely help to further this perception.

If you’re looking to make exchange bets on the go, you really can’t do better than the specialist betting exchange app. And while casino betting will never be the main reason people turn to Betfair, its still nice to see it supported here.

The great experience using the apps, coupled with the great Betfair bonus offer, means we can safely say the Betfair app is definitely worth checking out.

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