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American football is the most popular collective sport in the United States, ahead of baseball, basketball and ice hockey. The origin of the game is a hybrid between rugby and European football, but with some significant changes to the rules. In the US it's called football because European football is called a soccer. This sport has great traditions and millions of people have fun with it, as part of the national consciousness of Americans, as you might guess by the name of the sport.

History of this sport

The basic rules were introduced in the late 19th century by Walter Camp, who was considered the "father" of this attractive sport. The essence of American football is making a pitch from the opponent's field, with the ultimate goal of crossing the goal line from a player with a ball in his hands. This symbolizes the gradual settlement and cultivation of the western United States historically.

The modern version of American football dates back to 1932, when the first modern playoff game was held. Subsequently, two major associations were formed in this sport - the NFL and the AFL. In 1966, the two organizations came together to create the final Super Bowl, which is traditionally the highest rated television show in the United States each year.

Major tournaments in American football

The Professional League is still called the NFL (NFL / National Football League). It consists of 32 teams, divided into 8 divisions. Each team plays 16 games in the regular season, 8 as host and 8 as away. The playoff phase is split into two streams, with the two best teams meeting in the Super Bowl - the title match.

The college championship season (NCAAF) is also relatively short, but there are more than 100 teams in this league. Many prestigious universities in the United States devote significant budgets to their football teams, and the College Championship also enjoys great popularity among spectators as well as betting enthusiasts.

Types of American Football Bets

The main types of bets in American football are typical of professional American sports:

  • Money-line - winner of the match. Although rare, in this sport, equality is still possible in regular season games, after a draw in poinst after an additional 10 minutes. However, play-off eliminations always produce a winner.
  • Spread(Handicap) - This is one of the most popular types of bets in American sports. The weaker team gets an advantage in the form of a number of poinst, which are added to the actual result of the match, thus accounting for the bets. 
  • Total points scored in the Under/ Over game. Football scores vary a lot, with one match ending in points in the 10 to 60 range. The average score is around 40-45. The most important factors for performance are the style and timing of the teams, but the weather conditions also have a very big impact. 
  • Half Time Bets - line-up, line spread and total points
  • Bets on the first quarter of the match
  • Winning Difference - Here the options are divided by intervals of difference for each of the two teams in the match. 
  • Special Team Bets - This type of bet is a good choice if you know in detail the form and style of only one opponent in the match. You have the opportunity to bet on points scored by the team, which of the two teams will score the first poinst in the match, which team will score first, who will score the first touchdown, which team will score the last points in the match, which team will have more distance run from your players and others. 
  • Special players bets - there markets are offered primarly to team stars. These include variant such as Touchdown of the player, Number of touchdowns, Fieldball of the player, Total distance in yards from the player Under/Over and more. 
  • Future bets - a division-winning team, a conference, and of course, a Super Bowl winner.

Where you can bet on American football

American football is gaining popularity in Europe. More and more matches are being broadcast live, and there is also an annual regular season match in London. Another famous bookmaker, Betway, offers bets on major US and Canadian football championships. You can bet on points, half time and handicap, which is no less than a bet type.

Surprisingly or not, one of the leading bookmakers in the sport is 10Bet, with around 200 bets offered to clients of the company. Don't forget to watch a game or at least an NFL report, you might find yourself a new favorite sport.

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