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Colossus Bets is was found and currently operated by Colossusbets Ltd. The company has its main office and headquarters located in London WC1A 2RP, England and more specifically 4 Bloomsbury Square. The online bookmaker is also registered in England and Wales with a company number 07981562. Colossus Bets may seem at first like a regular sports bookmaker, but, in fact, it's business model is quite different than the ordinary gambling companies. In fact, the game scheme is nothing new, and it's based on traditional football pools that exist for a long time. However, Colossus Bets managed to apply the game rules successfully into fully working and very interesting platform that attracts players from around the world. It's no surprise that the website is designed and geared mostly for UK citizens, but clients from other countries will be comfortable as well. Unfortunately, USA customers are not allowed to play with Colossus Bets.

Few online bookmakers use a wide page design. For all of you with wider screens this is a godsend. You can see much more information, compared to the regular 800 pixel layouts. Overall, the design decision about colors is quite good. Orange, white and gray entwine together to create a clean view. The interface is a bit weird, but novice and veteran players shouldn’t have any problems navigating through the pages. All the elements are visibly placed in good spots. The website of Colossus Bets doesn’t use the three column layout, but you will understand why in the next section of our review.

Betting Information

Now let's review in details how exactly Colossus Bets works and what makes it so different from the other sports betting providers. As we've said earlier, the online bookmaker employs a betting service that gives access to pool football games mostly on European matches. You can think of Colossus Bets' system as a national lottery, but quite enhanced one to be honest. However, don't get it wrong - experienced football betting players will surely have an edge because the accurate predictions are not just pure luck, but experience and knowledge as well.

The essentials of the gaming system involve predictions for the correct result in a particular football game. There are total amounts staked and placed into the pools. The reward accumulates until one, two or more players win and share the existing jackpot. Colossus Bets offers guaranteed prize on all of their existing pools, so players can rest assured that they will win an excellent cash reward even without the required amounts staked. Colossus Bets also provides additional options and extra features that make their gambling platform unique and attractive. The mobile version is also supported.

Odds Information

If we need to compare Colossus Bets to a regular online bookie, the odds and potential winnings surely favour Colossus Bets. According to the calculations, football betting giant takes about 30% on bets. On the other hand, national lotteries and other bookmakers take from 50% to 80%. Recreational and experienced sports betting enthusiasts will love it because the potential outcomes are surprisingly high. One of the most famous bets associated with Colossus Bets is the £10 000 000 super wager, where you have to guess the exact score of seven matches. If you manage to do it, you can share the prize with all the other contestants. Extra bonuses also apply for those who like to play bold and take the biggest risks. Minimum bets are in the range of £0.2 to £2, which is a tiny fraction of the expected outcome.

Security and Customer Services

Colossus Bets' website is well secured by SSL SHA2 encryption. The certificate is issued by DigiCert Inc. and guarantees for a well-protected transition of data. The company is regulated by UK Gambling Commission and IBAS so any unresolved disputes may go directly to this independent organisations.

It's easy to get in touch with any representative of Colossus Bets. You can use one of the online methods - email or direct message via the online contact form. Alternatively, you can reach their customer care out by phone. All the details are listed in the following tables.

Deposits and Withdraws

Deposits are easily made by various payment option that are listed in the table. Of course, you can use your credit cards and the popular e-wallets to ease the process. Withdraws are usually handled in the same manner as the deposit methods.

One of the interesting choice with Colossus Bets is their “Cash Out” offer, which changes progressively during the matches. What does it mean? Imagine that you have a ticket with six matches and you’ve already guessed 3 of them. The “Cash Out” offer becomes available with a calculated value of your ticket. You can choose to take a part of your winnings now or wait for the other matches outcome. The option is quite flexible and allow the players to build their strategy around it. It’s a very effective way for risk management.

Deposit Bonus and Loyalty Programs

When we talk about bonuses, especially welcoming one, Colossus Bets is not the place to look for such type of promotions. The only offer for existing players is the “Refer a Friend” program, which in fact is quite attractive. For every user that registers and starts playing from your recommendation, you can get 5% of his betting amount and additional 2% of his winnings. The offer is valid for one year after the registration. The good thing is that if your friend wins the full £10 000 000 Colossus, you can get £200 000 from it without moving a finger.

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