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Betsafe Mobile App

Are you looking for a quality mobile bookmaking experience, and want to know how the Betsafe Mobile App stacks up against the other options out there? If so, you’re in the right place! We’ll give you everything you need to know about getting started with the Betsafe app.

Want to know if you can use a bonus on the Betsafe Mobile App, and if this bonus is worth your time and attention? Want to know if it’s worth installing the app, or whether it’s better to place bets through the mobile version of the Betsafe website?

We’ll cover all this and more in our review of Betsafe’s dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Can I Enjoy A Betsafe Bonus When I Set Up The App?

So if you take the time to install the Betsafe app, is there a welcome offer or other form of bonus for you to experience?

One of the best ways to get started with a new betting app is to make use of the sign up offer. This is usually the best bonus available, and is a higher amount than the promotions and offers given to existing customers.

So what are the main facts about the Betsafe bonus you need to know, and are you able to enjoy this reward while using the app?

  • Matched Deposits. Betsafe has a series of three staggered matched deposit bonuses for you to enjoy. These have certain wagering requirements before they can be withdrawn, but these are not too strenuous to meet. When you qualify for this welcome Betsafe offer, you will be able to see the bonus amount in your account details, through the app.

  • Casino Bonuses. Looking to enjoy the full range of casino games Betsafe bring to the table? When you start a casino account with Betsafe, you can enjoy a great welcome bonus to help you explore the selection on offer. The casino bonus for you to use in the Betsafe app consists of a mixture of extra casino funds, as well as free spins so you can try a wider range of games, risk-free.

  • Poker Bonuses. Few things are as thrilling as an exciting game of poker, and playing on a mobile device adds an extra thrill. If you start playing poker with Betsafe for the first time, you get a special bonus to use only on the range of poker games. This is a great way to get into poker, especially if you are a new player.

If you’ve never created a Betsafe account before, be sure to access your full set of bonuses. These are a great way to try out the app without risking too much of your own money!

Are There Any Advantages To Using The Betsafe App?

Now that you know all the essential info about getting started with the Betsafe app, and the range of bonuses you stand to enjoy, let’s check out whether there are any advantages to using the app over other forms of betting.

Ultimately, you know if your preferences lean more towards setting down at a desktop device to place your bets, or if you like to stake wagers on the go. Of course, it’s not an either/or situation. You can access your full Betsafe account, without any difference in functionality, on either the main website or the mobile app.

So what are some of the reasons you should consider using the app, instead of just logging in through the mobile website?

  • Full functionality. Some bookmakers create different apps for different aspects of their service. For example, you might need to download three apps in order to be able to make sports bets, enjoy casino games, and play poker! This isn’t the case with Betsafe. You get three in one. You can enjoy sports betting, including attractive in-play live odds, try your hand at poker, and sample the full range of casino bets.

  • Fully tested. Have you ever experienced a mobile betting website crashing while you’re trying to use it? While all crashes are frustrating, when it comes to a betting website, it can make all the difference between money won and lost. With the dedicated Betsafe app, you know it is tested and updated regularly to offer the best levels of performance and reliability.

  • Streaming. Want t0o enjoy the highest quality streaming, without having to open a separate app? Betsafe makes this possible. You can enjoy high-definition quality streaming for both live events, and even live casino games, right in the app. This adds a level of realism and excitement that isn’t always present with virtual betting.

When it comes to certain forms of betting, such as in-play or live event betting, we thoroughly believe that a dedicated app is the way to go. Check out the Betsafe app and decide for yourself!

Betsafe App Review

Now that you have all the essential info about the Betsafe Mobile App, it’s time to get down to business. Is the Betsafe app actually any good, and should you take the time to download and run it?

To help you make this decision, we’ve covered the range of key features offered in the app, and given a verdict on our overall take on the Betsafe App.

Which Features Are Available On the Betsafe App?

For betting apps in general, their success comes down to two main factors - the design and the functionality.

The images on this page show the visual appearance of the Betsafe app. So what kind of features can you enjoy while using it?

  • Sports. If you want to benefit from the full range of sports betting opportunities, including pre bets, live bets, streaming, and in-play odds, you can do it all in the Betsafe app. You don’t need to limit or restrict your sports betting. No matter what type of sports betting you love, it’s possible with the Betsafe app.

  • Casino. Betsafe is known for having a large selection of casino games, and the app features them all. There are even exclusive releases for app customers.

  • Live gaming. Plenty of gamers prefer the live casino experience to virtual options. If this is you, there is a special live casino bonus for you to enjoy, and excellent quality high-definition streaming.

  • Poker. Playing poker through the Betsafe app offers all the usual features, as well as exclusive achievements and badges. This allows you to enjoy a sense of progress as you move towards poker mastery.

In a nutshell, the Betsafe app offers the full functionality of the online bookmaker and casino, but condensed down into a useful mobile experience. It’s the best way to enjoy Betsafe on the go, and is a must for all fans of mobile sportsbook and Betsafe casino gambling.

Betsafe App - Our Overall Verdict

If you’re looking to enjoy the full range of bets on the go, you should definitely check out the Betsafe app. It’s aesthetically attractive and fully functional.

You can enjoy all of the welcome offers provided by Betsafe through the app, and the streaming and other live aspects are incredibly appealing.

If you tend to enjoy your Betsafe experience at home, the mobile app might not be the best choice for you. But if you want to make live bets on the go, this is the optimal way to do it.

For newcomers to Betsafe, definitely take the time to create an account and check out the app for yourself. The welcome bonus is a great reason to take the time to do this.

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