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Netbet Mobile App

Netbet may be one of the smaller profile bookmakers offering a dedicated mobile betting app, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of your time, attention, and action. Unlike some competitors, Netbet aren’t new on the scene. They have been serving punters by providing quality odds on sportsbook action for over a decade. Among the many competing apps out there, is the Netbet app worthy of being downloaded?

In today’s review, we’ll explore whether the Netbet app is a good fit for your needs. Read on to discover how to get the Netbet app, the key features it offers, and the range of bonus offers you can enjoy as a Netbet gamer.

Here’s our full and frank review of the mobile app from Netbet.

Can I Enjoy A Netbet Bonus When I Set Up The App?

Sometimes, it can be hard to persuade a cynical gambler to install yet another mobile betting app. After a while, it can seem like a waste of time. The apps blur together and the details don’t stand out.

One of the ways to break through this apathy, and to persuade even jaded gamblers that your app is worthwhile, is to offer an enticing welcome offer.

Seeing as Netbet lacks the high profile of some competing bookmakers, you might be worried that the Netbet bonus on offer isn’t worth your time and attention. We’re happy to report that isn’t the case.

In fact, the Netbet bonus is one of the best out there, and you can enjoy it through the mobile app. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Matched Deposit. Netbet offers one of the most popular types of welcome promo offer, a matched deposit bonus. Unlike many other competitors, however, the limit is on the high side. You can deposit up to £50, have it matched in full by Netbet, and then stake it on the wide range of sports markets via the app.
  • Casino Bonus. When you make your first deposit into your Netbet casino account, Netbet will give you twice that sum in the form of free bets. This gives you a greater incentive to explore the full range of classic and modern casino games offered by Netbet.
  • Poker Bonus. Like all the best mobile bookmakers, Netbet offers an extensive range of poker games. To give you an added reason to try them for the first time, you can receive an exclusive poker player bonus amount.

Considering that Netbet lacks the high levels of fame enjoyed by some other bookmakers with mobile apps, the level of welcome bonus on offer is very good indeed.

Many gamblers out there will have never had a Netbet account in the past. If you fall into that category, create one right away and explore your new favorite bookmaker through its mobile app.

Are There Any Advantages To Using Netbet App?

A lot of gamers, both in the spheres of sports and casino betting, question whether taking the time to install an app offers any tangible benefits. Is it actually worth it, or is it better to access the various Netbet betting options through a smartphone browser?

We think that there are a serious number of pros to using Netbet via its mobile app.

The levels of speed on offer exceed that of the mobile website. We found it quicker to load, and faster to transition between different sections and markets.

We can also truly say that using the Netbet app gives you the greatest peace of mind in terms of reliability. Its not possible for Netbet to test their mobile site with every device and browser out there, but it’s within their power to ensure a great app experience for Android and Apple customers.

Netbet App Review

Given that Netbet is a lesser known bookmaker, many gamers will need an added incentive to install the app.

You probably want to know if its truly worthwhile. There are so many other bookmakers with apps out there, after all. What makes Netbet stand out? Does the app manage to offer anything new, or is it a bad experience overall?

We’ve listed the key features found on the Netbet mobile app, and given our overall take, so you can make a smart choice on whether it’s a good match for your requirements.

Which Features Are Available On the Netbet App?

So what are the key features that make it worth it to download and run the Netbet mobile app?

  • Quick bet placement. You can go from loading up the Netbet app to confirming your bet in as little as five quick touches of your device screen. This is one of the best performances out there, and it is sure to save your time when it counts the most.
  • Live bets. If you want to see the full range of live markets currently featured on Netbet, there is a dedicated section of the app to do that. You can see all the latest odds and jump in on live sports action at any time.
  • Deposits. Some apps make it annoying and frustrating to add funds to your account. The Netbet app makes this an easy experience, allowing you to top up your betting balance even on the move.
  • Support. If you need to access the Netbet customer support service, you can do this via the mobile app. Live chat and other options make it pain free to get any problems taken care of.

The Netbet app doesn’t particularly offer any groundbreaking features. However, it handles the fundamentals of a betting app pretty well. The main thing we can praise is the quick time from loading the app to placing your bet, needing the minimal of touches.

Netbet App - Our Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a mobile betting application with one of the best welcome bonuses out there, Netbet is an excellent choice.

The matched deposit bonus is one of the better ones out there. This allows you to get hands on with the Netbet experience, via the mobile app, without risking your own funds.

Don’t be put off by the fact that Netbet lacks the fame of some other bookmakers. Try it for yourself and you are sure to like what you find.

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